Hunter’s 2014 Review

How was 2014 for you? Let’s get real here for a minute, I had an extraordinary year. Individuals generally inquire as to why I play poker professionally. My response can be summarized in single word – opportunity. Poker has furnished me with independence from the rat race. It permitted me to result my understudies credits, purchase a decent vehicle, move to Florida, and have a lot of extraordinary encounters en route. Those encounters were a result of the social opportunity that poker gives me. Since I get to pick when and where I work, I’m ready to expand the worth of my time and appreciate all that life brings to the table. For example, this year I:

Completed my certificate.
Ventured out to various states I’ve never been to:
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas,
Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia,
Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
Played in a lot of new club:
Chowtaw, Harrah’s (Tunica), Horshoe (Tunica), Palm Ocean side Pet hotel Club,
Isle in Pompano Ocean side, Hard Rock (Stronghold Lauderdale), Bay Stream,
Hialeah, Enchantment City, Hard Rock (Tampa), Bellagio, Aria,
Wynn, Rio, Planet Hollywood, Caesars, Borgata, and Parx.
Leased a house in Florida.
Got dependent on Cuban coffee and Cuban ladies (there is no recovery for this).
Zip-lining in Tampa, waterskiing in Sarasota, rock moving in Post Lauderdale, paddleboarding on South Ocean side, kayaking in Lauderdale-by-the-Ocean, and go-karting in Vegas.
Ran a 5k mud run on Cinco de Mayo (margaritas and bacon at midpoint).
Taken in a lot of Spanish (look at the Duolingo application for iPhone).
Went to a few magnificent clubs, bars, and eateries. My top picks:
Energy Club at Seminole Hard Rock.
Chateau Club on South Ocean side.
Kilwin’s Frozen yogurt and Fudge at Seminole Hard Rock (get the cinnamon waffle cone).
Natural Hotel Crabhouse in Post Lauderdale.
Desert garden in Radiant Isles (get the chicken wrap).
Desert garden Hookah Bar at the Woods (mango Budweisers for a really long time).
Social in Brickell (get it done).
Blackbird in Brickell (pulled up in a limo (#standard)).
Rocco’s Tacos, Stronghold Lauderdale (Taco Tuesdays: best tacos, music, beverages, and ladies).
Ramen Sora, Vegas (no one communicates in English, they’ll give you a photograph menu, simply point).
Pink Box Doughnuts, Vegas (best $12 dozen on the planet).
Ping Ache Pong, Vegas (best Chinese food ever; unlikely treasure toward the rear of Gold Coast).
White House Subs, Atlantic City (can’t turn out badly).
Figured out how to play Huge O in Mississippi (most noteworthy hourly over most recent 200 hours by a wide margin).
Got better at PLO (I assume I really want to accomplish a more elevated level of decadence to find lasting success).
Was at last qualified to play WSOP arm band occasions and subsequently traded out four.
Set thirteenth in the $1,500 Blended Max Arm band occasion.
Set 89th in the $10,000 Headliner.
Went after a delicious 25/50NL game and dominated 14K.
Busted Phil Hellmuth in the $1,500 Shootout arm band occasion.
Talked with Greg Mercen several hours in the $10M GTD at Seminole Hard Rock.
Played with Joseph Cheong, Josh Arieh, Daniel Coleman, and Joe Hachem.
Trained a lot of understudies and gained some useful knowledge all the while.
Sent off my Group Geniuses.
Gear, programming, books, and web recordings not far off.
Snoozed past the point of no return regular.
Won a lot of cash.
Delighted in life simultaneously.
So when individuals get some information about my fresh new Goals, all I can truly say is that I will continue doing what I’ve been doing. In the event that I must be more unambiguous and would isolate my objectives into life objectives and poker objectives and go from that point.

LIFE Objectives
I need to all the more likely deal with my time between fun exercises and cash acquiring exercises.
I want to assign more errands since my hourly at the table ordinarily surpasses the expense of recruiting somebody to follow through with something.
I need to wipe out things and individuals in my day to day existence that don’t fulfill me.
Various things include: going to a Drake and Lil Wayne show, going to EDC Vegas, riding the Hot shot in Vegas, driving a Lambo, skydiving, spending an end of the week in the Florida Keys, swimming, parasailing, flyboarding, bungee hopping, surfing, riding in a helicopter over Miami, hang-floating, snowboarding in the Rockies, and going on a voyage.
POKER Objectives
I will zero in more on cash games. I played 79 competitions this year and I yielded a 1.2 return for capital invested. Despite the fact that I was beneficial, the time and the cash spent voyaging most certainly devalued the worth of my chance to the degree that my money game hourly far surpassed my MTT hourly. I’m in no way, shape or form abandoning competitions. I’m about to be more particular with the ones that I play.
I will begin playing longer meetings on less days of the week. At last, the set-up and bring down associated with playing live money is to such an extent that it requires longer meetings to expand the worth of my time. I used to have the option to rollover, get my PC, and begin pounding. Presently I really want to awaken, scrub down, clean my teeth, put some garments on, have breakfast, check Bravo, call the poker board, drive 20-30 minutes, get my chips, play, cash out, and commute home. I don’t generally dislike any of this yet I’d like it to make up a more modest level of my day. The most effective way to do this is by expanding the typical length of my meetings and merging my playing time into 3-4 days per week.
I will invest more energy contemplating and training poker every week. There are features of NL that I need to dive into somewhat more profound. There are additionally a lot of things in different games that I haven’t concentrated on sufficiently. I need to be a balanced player, and I’m willing to contribute a greater amount of my opportunity to make it happen.
So to recap, I had an extraordinary year. I love the opportunity that poker gives me. A large portion of my desired things to achieve in 2015 are only expansions of things that I achieved in 2014. They generally relate to using time effectively and my general satisfaction. I’ll make certain to update you folks as often as possible before very long here as well as on I wish you every one of the a Cheerful New Year!






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