How To Succeed In Nursing School

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Reach your dream of…. Becoming a nurse! Since you have decided to become a nurse, you may have a lot of questions concerning: How to choose a nursing school, How to Become a RN, How to become a LPN, What is the difference between RN & LPN & BSN.

In addition to “How” to become a nurse: You may ask, How to be successful as a nursing student.

My name is Caroline Porter Thomas and I am the author of this book. I wrote this book out of huge concern with how difficult & confusing the process of becoming a nurse was. I had a difficult time choosing a program that was right for me, gaining acceptance into a nursing program & then passing the extremely difficult nursing program and NCLEX examination.

I was also very concerned, because I really wanted to become a nurse; however had a C average in high school and had taken a 5 year break since graduation. In addition to that, I was told in the 8th grade that I had a learning disability and was held back and entire year. So when I made the decision to find a way to become a nurse, I knew the odds were against me.

However, I learned a few key study tips & techniques that I will share with you in this book which enabled me to start nursing school with a 3.7 gpa and also graduated nursing school with honors.

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The benefits of being a nurse Where do you startWhat you should know before you starthow to transition to nursing courseshow to use your nursing class time effectivelyAdvice from 25 different nursing professors nationwide: Including Yale & Johns HopkinsHow to stay focused & EnergizedHow to Enjoy the ProcessMuch, much more! Purchase your copy today!

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“I purchased the book How To Succeed in Nursing School, from Amazon! I loved it!! I read it right before I started nursing classes a couple weeks ago! This book made me feel one step ahead before I even started classes; I felt like I was more prepared than many of the other students in my class. The book gives so much great advice for nursing students to help us succeed.”

Brooke Obermeier

“Caroline’s books and videos have helped me out so much. I feel so prepared for nursing school and am so glad that she took the time to instill in us readers all she knows.”

Brianna Sam- Texas Tech University

“I had no idea how to study for anatomy and physiology let alone nursing classes before reading “How to Succeed in Nursing School.” After reading this book multiple times I have enacted Caroline’s techniques and I can say that they have truly changed my academics forever. I’m more confident than I ever have been and am confident I can pass with honors as well as pass the NCLEX the first time. I’m so grateful for this material that Caroline has published!”

Evan Davison – The Ohio State University

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