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Incredible Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme with Not One, Not Two, but…


…THREE Ways to Quickly and Easily Post Amazon Affiliate Posts


Now YOU Can Create Amazon Affiliate Sites and Review Sites at the Speed of Light!

You’re about to see, first hand, how to speed up your Amazon Affiliate promotion up to a new level that you’ve never before experienced. You’re going to watch over my shoulder, in real time, as I create a stunning Amazon Affiliate Store / Review Site in a matter of minutes. We’re starting from absolute scratch, so you get to see absolutely everything. Nothing is left out. Nothing is sped up. These are not edited, hype filled sales videos full of empty promises. This is everything shown exactly as it is, and what you see is going to change the way you build Amazon sites forever.

Basic Setup in Just A Few Minutes

Posting Method 1

Post Amazon Products From Right Inside Your WP Admin Panel with WP Amazillionaire

Posting Method 2

Post any Amazon Product Straight From Amazon Itself to Your Site

Posting Method 3

AutoPosting Handsfree with the Brilliant WP Robot Plugin

Also supports auto posting with


WP ZonBuilder




WP ZonGrabber


For Mobile and Tablet Display

WP Amazillionaire is responsive from the word go. “Responsive” means that instead of having to run different versions of your site for different devices, WP Amazillionaire handles responding to tablets and smart phones for you. It automatically detects the screen size it’s being viewed on and adjust itself to suit tablet and smart phone screen sizes, whether vertically or horizontally oriented. There’s no need for extra plugins, mobile detection scripts and redirects. Just post away and let your theme do the heavy lifting for you.

Comes in Five Colors

Red, Blue, Green, Black & Brown

Cutting Edge SEO Theme Framework

Optimized with up to the minute standards

WP Amazillionaire is built on our revolutionary ThemeStarta Framework, and is the cutting edge of everything. SEO is honed to perfection with features such as:

Standard Features


Instant Action – Just Install and Use

With the WordPress knowledge you already have

If you can use WordPress, you can use WP Amazillionaire right out of the box. We’ve kept it streamlined, straight forward and simple so there are no complicated options panels to configure. Just install and use. Everything is powered by the in built functions of WordPress you already know and love, so take your existing experience with WP and jump right into action.

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